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fredag, februari 19, 2010

Från min favorit tillfrisknande blog

Jag måste dela med mig av detta från min favoritblogg om
tillfrisknande Im just F.I.N.E http://fine-anon.blogspot.com/

21. Scott W.: In an episode of Seinfeld George Costanza told a lady
friend he was a marine biologist. Kramer had hit golf balls into the
ocean earlier in the episode. As they were walking along the beach
they came upon a crowd. Someone yelled "Is there a marine biologist in
the crowd?  The question is, 'Was George Costanza acting as a Al Anon
when he removed the golf ball from the whale's blow hole?'
No, he was acting as a horny male trying to score with the lady he was
trying to impress. He wasn't acting out of compassion but was ruled by
self will, selfishness and ego.  Besides any self-respecting Al-Anon
marine mammologist would know that blowholes are covered by muscular
flaps that provide a water tight seal that prevents water (and golf
balls) from entering the blow holes when the whale surfaces to
breathe. When whales come to the surface to breathe, air is expelled
from the blowhole as condensation and appears like a cloud of mist.
Whales' blowholes differ according to the species. The larger the
species, the larger the blowholes. Humpbacks have blowholes that are
about 8-10 inches in diameter (they have two blowholes).

Kul liknelse sominte gick hem.

måndag, februari 08, 2010

Sjuk, nerkopplad

Jag känner mig sjuk och nerkopplad mentalt och andligen idag.
Sluttande plan med andligheten på låg prio.